Leading producer in Poland

Ziaja Wholesale Europe

For an impressive 25 years, Ziaja, a Polish family-owned company, has been a steadfast presence in the pharmaceutical and skincare market. Renowned as a leading producer in Poland, Ziaja boasts an impressive annual sales figure exceeding 50 million units. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, Ziaja utilises environmentally-friendly, biodegradable ingredients in crafting their extensive range of products.

The brand’s ethos revolves around prioritising the health and well-being of their customers. Ziaja’s minimal use of preservatives aligns with their philosophy of minimising allergy risks while ensuring efficacy. The company’s dedication to quality assurance is reflected in their rigorous testing protocols, encompassing physico-chemical, microbiological, and stability tests.

Ziaja’s comprehensive testing regimen also includes analysis of ingredients and mixtures for safety assessment, packaging tests for compatibility with product formulas, and in vivo efficacy testing conducted with modern measuring equipment. Dermatological and application tests are carried out under the supervision of specialist doctors, ensuring the highest standards of product safety. Furthermore, product safety assessments are conducted by experts in certified institutions.

Ziaja offers a diverse portfolio of over 900 skin-friendly and eco-friendly products, ranging from everyday care items to specialised medical lines. Whether for individual customers or professional beauty salons, Ziaja products cater to diverse skincare needs. As a testament to their success, Ziaja views customer loyalty as the fundamental measure of their achievements. Experience the Ziaja difference, where a quarter-century of expertise combines with a commitment to customer well-being, environmental responsibility, and rigorous product testing standards.