Yves Rocher

Your Best Beauty ally, Inspired by Nature!

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Yves Rocher, a household name in the beauty industry, traces its roots back to 1959 when Yves Rocher founded the brand in the attic of his family home in Gacilly, Brittany. Since its inception, has been dedicated to harnessing the power of plants to create effective and sustainable beauty products.

At the heart of Yves Rocher’s ethos lies a commitment to botanical beauty. The brand cultivates nine emblematic plants in 60 hectares of fields in Brittany, practising agroecology and holding organic certification since 1999. Since 1975, has maintained a botanical garden to grow and harvest ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and purity in its formulations.

With over 2,300 points of sale and 20 million customers worldwide, Yves Rocher is recognized as the number one beauty brand in France. The brand’s ambition extends beyond mere commercial success; it strives to make 100% of its activities contribute to revealing, protecting, and transmitting the power of plants.

Yves Rocher’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout its operations. By controlling the entire value chain, from cultivation to retail, the brand minimises its environmental impact and continually works to reduce it further. The cultivation of plants in UEBT certified organic fields using agroecological practices demonstrates Yves Rocher’s dedication to preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Furthermore, Yves Rocher is the first sponsor of the Yves Rocher Foundation, which spearheads initiatives like the PLANT FOR LIFE program. Through this program, has planted 120 million trees, at a rate of one tree every three seconds, as part of its ongoing efforts to combat deforestation and promote environmental conservation.

Yves Rocher’s passion for nature stems from Yves Rocher’s formative years spent in the heart of the Breton moors. Raised in a family where close relationships and a strong work ethic were valued, developed a deep appreciation for nature and a keen entrepreneurial spirit. These values continue to shape the brand’s mission to this day, as Yves Rocher remains committed to providing effective, sustainable, and ethically sourced beauty products inspired by the power of plants.