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Weleda Wholesale Europe

Since its inception in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory nestled amidst its own plant garden, Weleda has blossomed into a global leader in certified natural personal care, endorsed by NATRUE. Dr. Rudolf Steiner, along with Dr. Ita Wegman and a team of pioneering scientists, laid the groundwork for Weleda’s visionary approach by creating the first synergistic products designed to harmonize the body with its innate natural rhythms.

Today, Weleda’s reach spans over 50 countries across all five continents, with its roots still firmly planted in Arlesheim near Basel in Switzerland, Schwäbisch Gmünd near Stuttgart in Germany, and the French city of Huningue, Alsace. From these historic sites and numerous company branches worldwide, Weleda crafts hundreds of natural cosmetics and thousands of pharmaceuticals, many of which are cultivated from medicinal plants nurtured in their own gardens.

At the heart of Weleda’s ethos lies a commitment to responsible stewardship of both nature and humanity, a principle ingrained since Rudolf Steiner articulated his vision of a company devoted to serving the greater good. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of Weleda’s operations, from fair trade practices and biodynamic cultivation to fostering the growth and well-being of their employees.

By choosing Weleda’s natural skin care products, consumers become stewards of a world where people and biodiversity flourish in harmony. With a dedication to organic and biodynamic farming, ethical sourcing, and transparent supply chains, Weleda ensures that their products not only nurture the skin but also uphold the principles of ecological and social responsibility. With every purchase, customers join Weleda in their mission to create a world where nature’s bounty is cherished, and all beings thrive in balance and harmony.