Advanced Wound Care Division

Urgo Wholesale Europe

For most of her life, the founder of URGO struggled with extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin. She faced the frustration of products that irritated her skin, causing her eyes to swell shut, and gentle products that didn’t last. She constantly carried a full makeup bag for touch-ups throughout her long days. Although she loved experimenting with makeup, makeup didn’t always love her. The products available either didn’t last, treated her skin poorly, or caused breakouts.

Finally, she decided to find a solution herself. It all began with the creation of the Two-Step Foundation. Waking up at 5 a.m. to ride her horses, Urban and Ego, she needed makeup that could be quickly applied at the barn, withstand her busy schedule, not cause breakouts, and maybe even improve her skin. The Two-Step Foundation was the answer. Step 1 provides oil control, reducing oil production and holding the foundation in place. Step 2 offers nourishment, reduces redness and inflammation, and provides more coverage. Both steps use the same base and are toned identically, allowing for seamless application alone, side by side, or layered, based on individual skin needs.

URGO has since expanded to include a range of easy-to-apply, gentle, and skin-loving products. They pride themselves on being the makeup for “makeup haters” or those who “never wear makeup.” URGO products are natural-looking, lightweight, and cruelty-free, made in the USA and made-to-order. Each formula is meticulously crafted to combine easy application, maximum function, and high-quality, skin-benefiting ingredients.

While URGO is an equestrian beauty brand, their products cater to anyone seeking simple, effective beauty solutions. They are designed to be easy to apply in just a few minutes, make the skin glow, and provide skincare benefits while being worn. URGO is committed to making makeup that is not complicated, intimidating, or harmful to the skin, perfectly suiting the equestrian lifestyle and beyond.