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Uppercut Deluxe is a testament to the timeless style of the 1950s barbershop era and the indomitable spirit of its founder, Willy “Uppercut” O’Shea. Drawing inspiration from this golden age of grooming, Uppercut Deluxe offers a modern yet traditional approach to men’s grooming, proudly crafted in Australia with only the finest ingredients. With a focus on delivering high-quality grooming products without the frills of salon brands, Uppercut Deluxe has established itself as a go-to choice for men seeking classic style and reliable performance.

The brainchild of Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, childhood friends with a shared passion for barbering, surfing, and skateboarding, Uppercut Deluxe embodies their vision of creating a welcoming space for men to hang out and receive top-notch grooming services. Newman’s introduction to the world of barbering during his time in Portland, Oregon, sparked his fascination with the timeless trade, while Purcell’s decision to pursue barbering stemmed from his close relationship with his grandfather, who instilled in him a love for the barbershop experience from a young age.

Together, Newman and Purcell embarked on a journey to redefine men’s grooming in Australia, opening their own barbershop at a time when the profession was often misunderstood and overlooked. Despite facing scepticism from peers who failed to grasp the allure of barbering culture, Newman and Purcell remained steadfast in their commitment to their craft, learning the trade long before it became trendy and masculine again.

Driven by a frustration with existing grooming products that failed to align with the ethos of their barbershop, Newman and Purcell set out to create their own line of products tailored specifically for men. After extensive experimentation and collaboration with chemists, they finally perfected their first product, the “Deluxe Pomade,” marking the birth of Uppercut Deluxe.

The brand’s namesake, Willy “Uppercut” O’Shea, a former boxer from the Jimmy Sharman’s boxing troupe, epitomises resilience and determination—a fitting inspiration for Newman and Purcell’s endeavour. Willy’s motto, “a hard beginning maketh a good ending,” serves as a guiding principle for Uppercut Deluxe, reminding them of the importance of perseverance and dedication in achieving success.

Today, Uppercut Deluxe continues to honour Willy’s legacy by upholding its commitment to creating the highest quality grooming products that stand the test of time. With a growing demand worldwide, Uppercut Deluxe remains dedicated to delivering knockout looks and ensuring that every man can enjoy the benefits of superior grooming.