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Tigi Wholesale Europe

TIGI, a renowned cosmetics brand, is the brainchild of the art directors at Toni&Guy. It stands out as a hair care brand intricately woven with fashion influences, exclusively available through professional hairdressers. The brand releases products in distinctive collections such as Bed Head and Catwalk, each encapsulating a specific style aesthetic. TIGI products are exclusively offered in salons across the United States, India, and Russia.

At the forefront of defining hairstyle trends, TIGI aids in achieving ideal effects that complement individual personalities. The brand’s extensive line of cosmetics empowers individuals to create unique styles, catering to diverse preferences, be it classics and elegance, vibrant colours and eccentricity, rock variations, environmental consciousness, or the latest trends from global catwalks.

Rooted in urban culture and drawing inspiration from ‘the street,’ the Bed Head brand embraces a ‘pick and mix’ philosophy synonymous with youthfulness – a celebration of enjoyment over time-consuming pampering. Positioned as a lifestyle brand, Bed Head is a reflection of new trends in music, club culture, and individualism, capturing the essence of Anthony Mascolo’s creativity and the cult following that defines the TIGI Creative Team. With its finger on the pulse of contemporary styles, TIGI continues to be a trailblazer in the beauty industry, shaping trends and influencing the creative expressions of hairdressers worldwide.