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Tangle Teezer Wholesale Europe

Tangle Teezer, a renowned British brand, has gained acclaim for its exceptional brushes, serving as reliable companions for effortless detangling. Beyond simply facilitating painless hair combing, these brushes play a vital role in protecting hair from breakage and tearing during brushing. Their convenient design allows for easy portability, fitting seamlessly into any bag, and enabling quick and efficient hair combing from root to tip.

At Tangle Teezer, the priority is the well-being of your hair, which drives our distinctive product designs focused on outstanding performance. Our journey began with the introduction of the unique two-tiered teeth technology, and our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. Continuously creating one-of-a-kind products, we cater to the diverse needs of each hair type, whether straight to wavy, fine and fragile, or curly and coily. This versatility has made us a cult classic, embraced by celebrities, hair stylists, and our loyal customer base alike.

From the beloved Ultimate Detangler, a best-seller and fan favourite, to our groundbreaking innovation, the revolutionary Plant Brush, Tangle Teezer prioritises hair health in every creation. We are on a mission to reinvent hair care, one stroke of genius at a time. Regardless of your hair type, texture, or behavioural quirks, our clever tools act as the magic wand you need for a healthier-looking mane, reducing breakage and instilling confidence. With Tangle Teezer, transform your hair goals into reality, because, for us, your hair always comes first.