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Stapiz, a distinguished Polish brand, has made significant strides in the international market over the past decade, captivating hairstylists and professionals with its range of top-tier hair products. With a commitment to excellence, Stapiz provides a guarantee of high-quality, professional-grade hair care solutions tailored for hairdressers and stylists worldwide. The company’s decade-long journey has been marked by a passion-driven approach, collaborating with leading laboratories and global ingredient producers.

Stapiz’s extensive product line is thoughtfully categorised into care, colouring, and styling, offering a comprehensive selection that includes shampoos, balms, masks, lighteners, and styling products. A standout in their offerings is the SLEEK LINE series, featuring products enriched with silk—an absolute sensation in European markets.

Structured into functional categories of hair styling, hair colour, and hair care, Stapiz’s range encompasses a diverse array of shampoos, balms, masks, hair bleaches, and styling products. The company’s dedication to guaranteed quality, innovation, and attractive pricing has solidified its position as a stable force in both the Polish and international markets.

Stapiz takes pride in its production processes, validated by the implementation of certified ISO 9001:2015 and GMP systems. The utilisation of high-quality ingredients underscores the effectiveness of their products, resulting in customer satisfaction across numerous countries worldwide. Elevate your hair care routine with Stapiz hair cosmetics, offering the assurance of beautiful, healthy, and youthful-looking hair.