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Sexy Hair Wholesale Europe

The Sexy Hair philosophy boldly declares the absence of rules, encapsulated in the vibrant red and black packaging of their exceptional products designed to inspire creative hairdressers globally. Crafted for dynamic individuals who reject boredom, SexyHair believes that sexy extends beyond beautiful hair to become a self-expression of style. Their professional hair care line not only delivers exceptional performance but also provides education to elevate the skills of stylists behind the chair, empowering them to embrace and manifest their unique expression of sexy.

Founded by the internationally acclaimed hairdresser Michael O’Rourke, SexyHair draws inspiration from the diverse styles of Los Angeles, embodying the belief that sexy is a form of self-expression, encompassing beach tousled hair, artistic street styles, and glamorous red carpet looks. O’Rourke encapsulated this essence and presented it to hairdressers and consumers, encouraging them to create their version of sexy.

Debuting in 1998 with bold red packaging, SexyHair aimed to make a significant impact in the professional segment. The word “SEXY” emblazoned boldly was intentionally provocative, banned from store windows in some states. The brand, led by Michael O’Rourke and an expert education team, aimed to turn heads and awe audiences with its seductive allure.

The iconic red and black packaging, captivating hair markets in 45 countries, boasts over 60 thousand professionals in the United States who swear by these products. Sexy Hair has garnered a dedicated fan base for its characterful, cost-efficient, and effective care and styling products, fulfilling the dream of sexy hair for customers worldwide.

SexyHair remains committed to empowering stylists as their own artists, offering a portfolio of multi-tasking essentials under the ArtistryPro line. Infused with amino acids for strength and nourishment, these products enable stylists to create, design, and inspire without limitations. The “big red can” remains an iconic staple, securing SexyHair’s position as the #1 selling professional hairspray brand in the USA, with one can sold every four seconds.