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Sebastian stands as a luxurious brand, offering an extensive array of premium hair care and styling products. Tailored for professionals who approach their craft with unwavering passion and demand the highest quality in cosmetics, Sebastian has cultivated a rich tradition spanning over 30 years. The brand diligently strives to create cosmetics that align with the latest trends in the dynamic realms of hair care and styling, serving as an enduring inspiration for hairstylists who perceive every client as a new challenge.

Designed for individuals who refuse to compromise between a beautiful hairstyle and healthy hair, Sebastian’s products cater to those who view hairstyling as a means of self-expression. The brand proudly presents three distinctive product lines for hair styling: FLOW, focusing on styling and care; FLAUNT, dedicated to creating shine and gloss; and FORM, specialising in keeping hair in place. Additionally, Sebastian offers a comprehensive line of care products aptly named Foundation.

Sebastian acknowledges that hairdressing is not about conformity; it’s about invention and reinvention. The brand’s commitment lies in the beauty of self-expression, fostering an environment where stylists and their clients can continually elevate their vision and skills. Sebastian embodies a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the artistry of hairstyling