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Rimmel Wholesale Europe

Established as far back as 1834, Rimmel is a brand steeped in history and innovation. Founded by Eugene Rimmel in the bustling commercial district of London, the brand’s origins trace back to a background in the creation of fragrances at the court of Napoleon I. Today, Rimmel has evolved into a powerhouse in the beauty industry, offering a diverse range of makeup products that reflect the vibrant spirit of London.

Rimmel’s design ethos revolves around keen observation of the dynamic trends found on the streets of London, allowing the brand to adapt and translate these trends into a wide array of cosmetics. This unique approach invites consumers into a world of amazing colours and fresh, energetic proposals, capturing the essence of the ever-evolving makeup landscape.

No matter the Rimmel product, quality, ease of use, universality, and adaptability to different needs are constants. The brand’s commitment to delivering great quality products ensures that every cosmetic item is not just a beauty tool but an innovative invitation to experiment with one’s appearance and express individuality.

Rimmel’s allure extends beyond its extensive product line to its iconic tagline – “Get the London Look.” This phrase has become synonymous with the brand, representing a blend of cosmopolitan chic and trendsetting style. With Rimmel, the famous London look is not just a concept but a tangible and accessible reality at your fingertips. As a trailblazer in the beauty industry for nearly two centuries, Rimmel continues to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty, experiment with makeup, and confidently express themselves through innovative and quality cosmetic offerings.