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Revlon Wholesale Europe

The story of Revlon commenced in 1932 with a revolutionary product for its time – nail polish in intensely saturated colours. Capturing the admiration of American movie stars and subsequently resonating with elegant women beyond Hollywood, the brand has maintained its reputation as a colour and style expert to this day. Each season, Revlon asserts itself as a trendsetter in the realm of makeup, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products where lipsticks and foundations stand out as perennial bestsellers, promising impeccable makeup that lasts throughout the day.

Revlon Consumer Products LLC stands as a leading global beauty company, boasting a portfolio of iconic brands that wield transformative influence over the lives of women and men across the globe. With a diverse collection of 15+ brands, the company manufactures and markets colour cosmetics, hair colour and care, skincare, beauty care, and fragrances, reaching consumers in more than 150 countries.

Revlon’s legacy extends beyond its product offerings, encapsulating a commitment to empowering individuals through self-expression and confidence. With a vision deeply rooted in understanding the dynamic beauty landscape, Revlon continuously strives to deliver products that resonate with diverse audiences globally. Beyond its iconic status in the beauty industry, Revlon embraces an inclusive approach, recognizing and celebrating the beauty in every shade, style, and identity. Through philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, Revlon actively contributes to causes that uplift communities and make a positive impact, reflecting its belief that beauty goes beyond the surface, influencing and shaping the world in meaningful ways. As a trailblazer with decades of history, Revlon remains dedicated to inspiring individuals to embrace their unique beauty and express themselves with boldness and authenticity.

Recognized as strategic brand builders equipped with profound beauty expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit, Revlon endeavours to delight consumers with trendsetting and innovative products. Driven by consumer and market-driven insights, coupled with a creative approach, the brand remains committed to enhancing the beauty shopping experience, meeting the diverse preferences and needs of consumers wherever they choose to shop for beauty.