Rene Furterer

Grow Stronger, Healthier Hair

Rene Furterer Wholesale Europe

Rene Furterer stands as a premier cosmetics company dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of every hair type with a commitment to high-quality products. Recognizing the strength inherent in diversity, the brand offers a range of specialised product lines tailored to individual customer requirements. Whether dealing with dry, oily, coloured, or hair prone to falling out, Rene Furterer provides shampoos and conditioners crafted to address specific concerns. What sets these cosmetics apart is their exclusive use of natural ingredients, enriched with plant extracts and essential oils. The power of these natural elements not only enhances the effectiveness of the products but also imparts delightful fragrances, transforming home hair care or a salon visit into a pleasurable experience.

At the heart of Rene Furterer’s commitment to excellence is its Gaillac site in France, where plant-based key ingredients are meticulously processed. The transformation of these ingredients into ultra-effective formulas reflects the brand’s unique expertise, all while adhering to environmental principles with ISO 14001 certification. René Furterer’s approach to transfiguring and enhancing nature is not only rooted in its botanical expertise but also guided by principled and responsible practices, epitomised by the certified “Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre” approach.

Rene Furterer’s philosophy echoes the words of its founder, “I turned towards nature to try formulas that seemed likely to improve the general state of hair. I worked on the assumption that nature, with all of its riches, would provide me with inexhaustible resources,” embodying a commitment to harnessing nature’s abundance for the benefit of hair health and well-being.