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Redken Wholesale Europe

Redken, a professional brand renowned for its innovative products that dictate trends in hair styling during prestigious Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, Milan, and London. With a comprehensive portfolio catering to both hair care and styling, Redken’s offerings are meticulously tailored to individual hair types, colours, and specific needs.

Founded in 1960 by actress Paula Kent, Redken emerged as a pioneer by embracing the power of science in hair care. Recognizing the absence of products that took a scientific approach, Kent introduced Redken as the first-ever hair brand to harness the benefits of protein, moisture, and acidic pH.

From iconic formulas to hands-on education, Redken is on a mission to equip both stylists and consumers with the tools needed to elevate their looks or careers. Science serves as the cornerstone of every move, complemented by the unwavering support of the exceptionally talented Redken Artists. The brand’s message is succinct yet powerful: Powered by Science. Prescribed by Pros.

At the heart of Redken lies its dedicated professionals who define the brand’s identity. Redken Artists, characterised by their passion, authenticity, and expertise, bring a uniquely infectious energy to every endeavour. The brand’s commitment to education has fostered a robust network of artists globally, all driven by an obsession with refining their craft and creating transformative hair experiences. Redken’s ethos revolves around the simple yet profound notion that science, when guided by the expertise of pros, has the potential to redefine and elevate the world of hair care.