Hair care

Rausch Wholesale Europe

Over a century ago, in a quaint workshop in Konstanz, master hairdresser Josef Wilhelm Rausch created a hair tonic from herbal extracts, igniting a passion for effective, beneficial cosmetic products that has endured for 130 years. Staying true to J. W. Rausch’s legacy, RAUSCH has consistently focused on crafting exclusive herbal extracts that are high-quality, safe, and sustainable. This dedication to natural efficacy and true beauty has been a cornerstone of the brand from its inception and continues to drive it forward.

RAUSCH believes that beautiful, healthy hair starts at the roots. The brand’s products are rich in natural herbal substances, carefully extracted using gentle in-house methods. Flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and whole plants are all cultivated under controlled conditions, harvested by hand, and processed into pure extracts. This meticulous approach ensures the lasting, gentle effectiveness of RAUSCH products, resulting in a comprehensive hair care system that leverages the power of herbs to promote healthy hair from roots to ends.

With over 130 years of experience working with herbs, RAUSCH has perfected the art of harnessing their secret powers to enhance natural beauty. The brand marries centuries-old herbal wisdom with modern scientific methods and cutting-edge technology to create products that are both traditional and innovative. Renowned experts with a passion for intensive research and development drive the formulation of RAUSCH products, ensuring the highest quality standards. Raw materials and finished products undergo continuous monitoring and dermatological tests, guaranteeing unparalleled quality, safety, and effectiveness.

RAUSCH is committed to ethical practices, never engaging in animal testing. The efficacy and tolerability of their hair and body care products are tested exclusively on voluntary human subjects. New products are subjected to independent scientific studies to validate their efficacy, and the brand continually refines its recipes, always seeking better solutions. RAUSCH’s commitment to natural, safe, and effective products ensures that they remain a trusted name in hair and body care, dedicated to unlocking the power of herbs for true beauty and wellness.