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Pureology Wholesale Europe

Established in California in 2001, Pureology emerged with a powerful vision—to craft the finest professional products dedicated to colour-treated hair. At the core of Pureology’s essence is the unwavering commitment to colour care without compromise, encapsulated in the mantra: the POWER OF PUREOLOGY. With a focus on creating customised, high-performance formulas, the brand harmoniously intertwines the principles of beauty and integrity, extending its care not only to hair but also to the planet and animals.

Pioneering the realm of PROFESSIONAL VEGAN COLOUR CARE & ZEROSULFATE® formulas, Pureology endeavours to offer a hair care experience that not only preserves colour vibrancy but also aligns with ethical and sustainable practices. Born from the understanding that what is beneficial for everything is beneficial for nothing, Pureology’s creators crafted cosmetics with a singular purpose—to protect hair colour and prevent the fading of dyed hair.

These meticulously formulated products, embraced by discerning hairdressers, reflect a dedication to customer satisfaction. The key to Pureology’s efficacy lies in ingredients like AntiFadeComplex, strategically incorporated to prevent colour fading. Furthermore, Pureology’s commitment to being completely vegan and eschewing sulphates in its compositions further safeguards against the fading of hair.

Pureology’s 100% VEGAN FORMULAS, ZEROSULFATE® COLOUR CARE, and CONCENTRATED FORMULAS collectively redefine hair care, offering a transformative experience that resonates with the values of discerning customers and professionals alike. For those who seek a brand that transcends traditional hair care, Pureology stands as a beacon of innovation and ethical excellence, creating a space where beauty and sustainability coalesce seamlessly.