The Italian barbers’ choice since 1948.

Proraso Wholesale Europe

Proraso, the esteemed personal care and grooming brand, is under the ownership of the revered Italian company Ludovico Martelli srl. Renowned for its men’s barber supplies and scented shaving products, Proraso boasts a diverse range of offerings tailored to both the general public and professional barbers. Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, Proraso has remained a steadfast trendsetter in the shaving realm for over four generations, evolving alongside Italy and the global community.

The laboratories at Proraso are dedicated to crafting products that withstand the test of time, transcending fleeting trends to become enduring classics. Rooted in natural and trusted ingredients, our formulas undergo continuous refinement and enhancement, while our packaging receives periodic updates to captivate new audiences. Yet, at the core of Proraso’s ethos lies the foundational principle articulated by Piero Martelli and his son Ludovico: to deliver professional-grade, quality products that ensure a pleasurable and impeccable shave, whether in the barbershop or at home.

Proraso’s image is emblematic of Italian sophistication and represents a rich history of excellence in the shaving domain. As a brand synonymous with quality, Proraso continues to inspire loyalty and admiration from shaving enthusiasts worldwide, upholding its legacy as an icon in the grooming industry.