Paul Mitchell

Professional hair styling brand worldwide

Paul Mitchel Wholesale Europe

As the #1 professional hair styling brand worldwide*, Paul Mitchell® stands as a testament to a passionate commitment to hair as a form of decoration and personal adornment, rather than a mere obligation. With over 30 years of history, the company has introduced a range of products infused with an unmistakable American soul, all proudly manufactured in the United States. Paul Mitchell’s comprehensive portfolio encompasses care and styling products designed for both hair salons and at-home use, along with an array of professional styling tools.

Distinguished by an unwavering commitment to environmental protection, Paul Mitchell was a pioneer in publicly opposing animal testing, setting a standard for ethical practices in the industry. Throughout its technological processes, the company employs solutions that minimise negative environmental impacts, utilising renewable energy in its factories and employing recyclable materials for packaging. Paul Mitchell® caters to individuals who prioritise safe, high-quality products, firmly believing that this safety should not come at the expense of animal welfare or environmental harmony.

Beyond its innovative products, Paul Mitchell® has a rich tradition of philanthropy, supporting various causes such as Baby2Baby, Nia Tero, Environmental Media Association, Captain Paul Watson Foundation, and Chrysalis. The brand is dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging, actively amplifying minoritized voices and increasing the visibility of marginalised groups. Paul Mitchell® embodies a holistic commitment to excellence, ethics, and social responsibility, making it a beacon in the realm of professional hair care.