Probably the most Profeesional hair dryers in the World

Parlux Wholesale Europe

In the late ’70s, Paolo Parodi, the young Director of Parlux, embarked on a transformative journey after years of extensive research and collaboration with top Italian hair salons. Together with a group of equally young and enthusiastic employees, he initiated a professional venture that would ultimately evolve into a global powerhouse.

For those in search of the finest and most practical solutions for hair styling, Parlux presents ultramodern and super professional cosmetics that have earned a worldwide reputation. Whether you’re a hairdresser seeking top-notch tools or an individual tired of the noise from regular hair dryers, Parlux offers an extensive range of products suitable for both home and professional salon use. From styling products and hair dryers to diffusers and silencers, Parlux stands as a reliable companion in your hair care routine.

If you’re a hair professional, Parlux products provide a seamless and efficient experience, reducing fatigue associated with the constant hum of conventional hair dryers. For individuals seeking a quiet morning routine without disturbing the household, Parlux offers a solution that ensures a peaceful environment while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of washing your hair in the morning. Choose Parlux, and let it be your faithful companion in the journey of caring for your hair.