The Original Mindful Ritual

Orofluido Wholesale Europe

Orofluido™, now under the umbrella of Revlon Professional, unveils The Original Mindful Ritual™, an immersive wellness journey where their exclusive golden argan oil takes center stage, offering a comprehensive self-care experience from head to toe. This distinctive collection invites individuals to embrace mindful beauty, fostering a reconnection with oneself through meticulously crafted hair and body products infused with the nourishing essence of argan oil.

Recognizing the timeless efficacy of particular ingredients, Orofluido harnesses the power of oils—a beauty secret passed down from ancient times. At the core of these products lies argan oil, celebrated as the “gold of Morocco” for its exceptional nourishing qualities. Complemented by papyrus oil, once favored by Cleopatra, and linseed oil, renowned for its beneficial properties, the combination delivers maximum care benefits reminiscent of ancient body care rituals.

Beyond their efficacy, Orofluido products boast exquisite packaging and opulent, oriental fragrances, transforming the routine of self-care into a sensory feast for both body and spirit. This tradition of utilizing health-promoting properties dates back to ancient times, where beautiful women sought the benefits of these natural treasures. Now, these age-old remedies are conveniently at one’s fingertips.

The richness emanating from the seeds of the tree of beauty is encapsulated in Orofluido’s signature ingredient: organic, fair trade, and cold-pressed argan oil. This precious component is present in all Orofluido argan oil haircare and body products, ensuring a luxurious and indulgent self-care experience.

To enhance the self-care journey, Orofluido has curated a playlist, providing a sensorial backdrop of music that encourages individuals to slow down and relax during these meaningful moments of personal care.