Nature-Infused Skincare & Body Care

Origins Wholesale Europe

Origins, born in 1990 under the visionary leadership of Leonard Lauder, is not merely a cosmetics brand; it’s a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Since our inception, we’ve remained steadfast in our dedication to minimising our ecological footprint and prioritising sustainability at every stage of our product development process.

From the outset, Origins has recognized the importance of responsible ingredient sourcing, thoughtful packaging design, and eco-conscious manufacturing practices. Our journey begins with a global quest for the finest, most effective ingredients, guided by our belief in the inherent power of nature. We meticulously select high-quality plants, naturally derived elements, and premium alternatives, ensuring that each formulation meets our exacting standards for purity and efficacy.

At Origins, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a guiding principle woven into the fabric of our brand. We take pride in our tree-planting initiatives, which play a vital role in restoring ecosystems and offsetting our environmental impact. By nurturing the earth, we aim to leave behind a legacy of beauty and wellness for generations to come.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products; it’s a philosophy that informs every aspect of our brand identity. With an insatiable thirst for discovery and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Origins continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions in the world of beauty. Join us on our journey as we harness the power of nature to create transformative skincare experiences—crafted with care, conscience, and a deep respect for the planet.