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OPI Wholesale Europe

OPI, an iconic name in the nail care industry, was founded in 1981 by George Schaeffer, who recognized the potential for high-quality nail products in the professional beauty market. Based in North Hollywood, California, OPI initially started as a small dental supply business that transitioned into the nail industry by developing acrylic nail systems. The company quickly gained a reputation for its innovative approach and exceptional product quality, leading to rapid growth and global recognition.

The brand’s vision centers on providing salon-quality nail care products that inspire creativity and self-expression. OPI’s mission is to deliver professional-grade nail care solutions that combine superior performance with fashionable colors and trends. This commitment is evident in their extensive range of products, including nail lacquers, gels, treatments, and accessories, all designed to meet the diverse needs of nail professionals and enthusiasts alike.

One of OPI’s most distinguishing features is its vibrant and extensive color palette. The brand releases seasonal collections inspired by various themes, such as global destinations, pop culture, and fashion trends. Each collection showcases a variety of shades with unique names that often add a fun and memorable twist. This approach has made OPI a favorite among consumers and professionals, cementing its status as a trendsetter in the nail industry.

OPI is also dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand has made significant strides in creating environmentally friendly products, such as their Infinite Shine line, which offers long-lasting color without the need for harmful chemicals. Furthermore, OPI has committed to cruelty-free testing and is continuously working to improve its formulations to be more eco-conscious.

Education and community support are integral to OPI’s philosophy. The brand provides extensive training and resources for nail technicians, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to excel in their craft. Additionally, OPI actively participates in philanthropic initiatives, supporting causes such as breast cancer awareness and educational programs.

In summary, OPI is a pioneering brand in the nail care industry, renowned for its high-quality products, innovative approach, and commitment to sustainability and education. With a legacy of excellence and a vibrant, ever-evolving color palette, OPI continues to inspire and empower nail professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.