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Founded in 1989 by Dr. Howard Murad, Murad, Inc. emerged as the pioneer of clinical skincare products, setting an unprecedented standard for high-performance skincare. Dr. Murad unveiled his groundbreaking “skincare revolution” at Esthetics’ West Expo in May of 1990, emphasizing his manifesto: “skincare is healthcare.” His vision aimed to unite skincare professionals from all backgrounds, leveraging scientifically proven formulas and technologies to empower individuals to achieve the healthiest, most radiant skin possible.

Driven by Dr. Murad’s unwavering dedication to science-backed wellness, Murad Skincare is committed to creating products and experiences that promote not only healthier skin but also happier lives. At Μurad, the focus extends beyond skincare; it’s about conquering the global health epidemic of stress. Dr. Murad’s mantra, “Stress less. Be imperfect. Live longer,” underscores the brand’s mission to alleviate stress and promote overall well-being.

Embracing Dr. Murad’s holistic approach to wellness, Murad Skincare believes that true wellness encompasses both physical health and emotional well-being. As Dr. Μurad eloquently states, “Wellness is health, plus well-being.” It’s about cultivating happiness, passion, gratitude, and accomplishment in addition to maintaining optimal health and vitality. With this holistic perspective at its core, Μurad Skincare continues to innovate and inspire individuals worldwide to lead healthier, happier lives.