Professional Hair Clippers

Moser Wholesale Europe

Moser, a German company boasting a remarkable 50-year history, stands as a beacon of professionalism, future-oriented technologies, and exceptional German precision in the realm of hair tools. As a leading European producer, Moser is renowned for setting new trends and standards in hairstyling. The brand’s prominence is particularly evident in its specialization in professional hair clippers, reflecting a dedication to delivering cutting-edge tools for the hairdressing industry. Additionally, Moser’s portfolio extends to encompass top-tier ergonomic hair dryers, high-quality straighteners, and various other hairstyling instruments.

Operating under the umbrella of the Wahl Clipper Corporation (USA), a global leader in high-performance hairstyling appliances, Moser benefits from cutting-edge development and production equipment. The company’s headquarters in St. Georgen in the Black Forest serves as a hub for the creation and manufacturing of professional Moser hairstyling appliances and precision blade sets. These products proudly bear the “Made in Germany” label, emphasizing their origin and adherence to German quality standards. Wahl GmbH, responsible for the distribution, ensures that Moser’s professional hairstyling tools reach global markets, showcasing the brand’s commitment to excellence on an international scale.

The Moser brand, alongside ermila and WAHL, operates within the Wahl GmbH product range, which also includes animal clippers under the MOSER and WAHL labels. With a focus on meeting the professional needs of stylists, Moser’s high-quality hairstyling appliances exemplify precision, innovation, and reliability.