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Max Factor, a beloved brand cherished by women worldwide and held in high esteem by professional makeup artists, stands as a testament to the legacy of its visionary founder, Maksymilian Faktorowicz. Known as the forefather of characterisation, Faktorowicz was not only an inventor of many modern makeup formulas but also credited with coining the term “make-up.” His pioneering spirit revolutionised the beauty industry by introducing products that tailored colours to individual preferences and accentuated natural beauty.

The Max Factor brand epitomises professionalism, offering products that imbue women with a daily sense of glamour, akin to the movie stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. During this era, Max Factor himself played a pivotal role, being a visionary makeup artist, wig maker, and inventor. His unparalleled expertise left an indelible mark on iconic stars like Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow, and Marlene Dietrich, shaping their signature looks.

Max Factor’s commitment to making glamour accessible to all women echoes through the brand’s legacy. Today, Max Factor remains a go-to choice for makeup enthusiasts, providing products that embody sophistication, quality, and the timeless allure associated with the golden age of Hollywood. Every application of Max Factor’s makeup is an invitation to experience a touch of cinematic elegance in daily life, as envisioned by the brand’s trailblazing founder.