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Matrix Wholesale Europe

Matrix, a distinguished brand of professional cosmetics, was founded in 1980 by the American hairdresser Arnie Miller, who instilled the brand with a powerful motto: “think, believe, dream, dare.” This philosophy has served as an inspiration for hairdressers globally, empowering them to turn dreams into reality through the transformative capabilities of the brand cosmetics. The brand’s unique treatments offer solutions to diverse hair problems while facilitating the creation of even the most intricate and demanding hairstyles.

Embracing the diversity of all hair types and individuals, Matrix collaborates with labs and stylists worldwide to develop hyper-targeted solutions for every hair characteristic—whether it be level, underlying pigment, diameter, or pattern. The brand acknowledges diversity not as an ideal but as a fact, leading to the creation of the Hair Diversity Matrix. This scorecard ensures that products and education align with the needs of every hair type, allowing stylists to approach each client with confidence and expertise.

Beyond its commitment to hair diversity, Matrix also demonstrates a dedication to minimising its impact on the planet. From office practices to salon operations and everyday consumer use, the brand prioritises sustainability, contributing to a collective effort to create a positive environmental footprint.