Maroccan Oil

Global Leader in Argan Oil-Infused Beauty

Maroccan Oil Wholesale Europe

Moroccanoil, co-founded by Carmen Tal, emerged from a transformative encounter with argan oil during her travels. Witnessing the remarkable change in her hair’s condition—from damaged and dry to smooth, shiny, and manageable—inspired Tal to share the magic of Moroccanoil Treatment worldwide. This pioneering product, recognized as the #1 haircare oil in the US, stands as an eternal bestseller, offering styling and conditioning benefits for all hair types. It is also renowned for its signature scent, a captivating blend of spicy amber and sweet floral notes.

Over a decade of innovation has seen Moroccanoil evolve from a single groundbreaking product to a comprehensive line of hair, body, and professional hair colour products—all enriched with the brand’s signature argan oil. As pioneers in argan oil-infused beauty, Moroccanoil is dedicated to crafting luxurious beauty products that instil confidence and celebrate individuality.

For a sensory feast that beckons customers back to the salon, Moroccanoil treatment is essential. Infused with the power of beneficial oils, including the renowned argan oil from Morocco, Moroccanoil products entice with their smooth textures and captivating oriental fragrances. Embraced by celebrities and adored by countless women worldwide, Moroccanoil cosmetics are crafted from the highest quality ingredients, ensuring well-nourished, lustrous, and naturally beautiful hair.