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Vegan Hair Care

Maria Nila Wholesale Europe

Founded in 1999 in the South of Sweden, Maria Nila emerged as a visionary beauty brand, deeply rooted in a family’s entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to cruelty-free, eco-friendly beauty inspired by the founder’s great-grandmother, Maria Nila. The brand, born in a garage, has since evolved into a global force present in over 45 countries across three continents, yet it proudly retains its family-run essence, staying true to its roots.

Maria Nila’s philosophy revolves around providing the world with vegan and eco-friendly beauty solutions, a vision that aligns with their commitment to sustainability. The brand has become synonymous with 100% vegan products featuring colour-protecting formulas and eco-conscious packaging, contributing to a positive impact on the environment.

The organisation is built upon three core pillars: Family Culture, Innovation, and Charity. These principles guide Maria Nila in fostering a familiar, friendly culture while continuously striving for innovation in products, processes, and people. The brand believes in the equality of all individuals, with innovation seen as the key to a brighter future. Additionally, Maria Nila is dedicated to giving back, actively participating in charitable initiatives through “The Friendly Year.”

Maria Nila’s luxurious cosmetics, produced in a Swedish factory, offer comprehensive care and styling solutions for various hair types. Renowned for their expertise in protecting dyed hair and ensuring long-lasting colour, the brand emphasises the uniqueness of every individual’s hair. Their motto underscores the idea that everyone’s hair is distinct, deserving special care to maintain its uniqueness.