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Born into the Wella group in 1956, Londa Professional has become an epitome of excellence within the hair care industry. The name “Londa ” draws its inspiration from the French word “l’onde,” meaning “the wave” in English and “die Welle” in German. Since 1959, the exclusive use of the Londa trade name has contributed to its perception as a brand synonymous with German precision and reliability.

While Londa is perceived as a homegrown brand in Germany, it projects an image of German precision and dependability on the global stage. Following the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Londa was reintegrated into the Wella group. In 2013, Londa Professional marked a significant milestone by introducing its first education program, titled ‘Learn It, Live It, Share It.’

Today, Londa Professional stands as one of the most experienced salon brands globally, playing a crucial role in supporting stylists to thrive in their respective communities. The brand’s product portfolio encompasses a comprehensive range of hair care solutions, including shampoos, conditioners, masks, treatments, styling products, and the Perm Collection. Londa Professional also offers an extensive selection of hair colour shades to cater to diverse preferences.

Guided by a commitment to providing the best products for hair colouring and care for over 50 years, Londa Professional has earned its status as a prestigious brand. Renowned for offering proven solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction, the brand has secured the trust of numerous clients across Europe. With Londa Professional, customers can be confident that they are in the hands of a brand committed to excellence and innovation in the realm of haircare.