Greek Natural Beauty and Greek Skincare

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ΚORRES Skincare, a leading Greek skincare brand, was founded in 1996 by Lena Philippou-Korres and pharmacist Giorgos Korres. Lena, a qualified chemical engineer, and Giorgos, a pharmacist, joined forces following their marriage to create a brand that would revolutionise the skincare industry with its natural and ethically sourced products.

At the heart of KORRES Skincare is a commitment to harnessing the power of Greek plants and ingredients, ethically sourced and sustainably grown, to create effective skincare solutions. The brand’s best-selling products, including the Wild Rose 24-hour Brightening Cream and Greek Yogurt Nourishing Gel Cream, have garnered global acclaim for their efficacy and natural formulations.

Lena’s dedication to empowering women in science has been instrumental in shaping KORRES Skincare’s success. Under her guidance, the brand’s female-led research and development team has developed a unique ‘Full Circle’ approach to beauty, which integrates science and sustainability from “soil to soul.”

With six dedicated laboratories for product creation, including a Soil Lab, Extraction Lab, Molecular Lab, Formulation Lab, Design Lab, and Recycle Lab, KORRES Skincare sets itself apart in the industry. This full-circle approach ensures that every aspect of the product, from sourcing ingredients to packaging, is rooted in sustainability and innovation.

In a recent interview, Lena reflected on KORRES Skincare’s journey over the past 28 years, emphasising the brand’s deep roots in clean, Greek skincare. She expressed gratitude for the love and support of consumers from 30 countries worldwide, attributing the brand’s success to their loyalty and trust.

Lena’s journey in skincare began at Greece’s oldest herbal-homeopathic pharmacy, where she developed a deep understanding of natural ingredients and their applications. Inspired by her experiences, Lena founded KORRES Natural Products with a clear purpose: to produce safe and clinically effective skincare products that she would be proud to offer to her friends and loved ones.

Today, KORRES Skincare continues to uphold its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, offering consumers around the world access to clean and effective skincare solutions. With Lena’s leadership and the brand’s dedication to excellence, KORRES Skincare looks towards a future filled with continued growth and success in the skincare industry.