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Gehwol Wholesale Europe

For many years, GEHWOL has been synonymous with top-tier foot care products, setting a standard for excellence in the industry. The company, Eduard Gerlach’s GmbH, has been dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its customers, establishing collaborations with medical professionals and cosmetologists to ensure the efficacy of its foot care solutions. With a rich history dating back to 1868, GEHWOL has been a pioneering force in modern foot care, making high-quality products accessible to a broad audience beyond the elite.

Eduard Gerlach, the founder of the company, played a crucial role in introducing industrial-scale production of salves for foot pain, marking a significant milestone in the history of foot care. Drawing from his own experiences and medical knowledge, Gerlach, a former soldier, understood the pain associated with foot issues like abrasions and blisters. This empathetic approach to product development laid the foundation for GEHWOL’s commitment to addressing the various concerns related to foot health.

Today, GEHWOL offers an extensive range of exceptional foot care products designed to address a spectrum of problems and cater to diverse needs. The brand’s products are trusted by cosmetologists and individuals seeking specialised care for their feet. The comprehensive line of foot care solutions reflects GEHWOL’s dedication to combining traditional expertise with modern advancements to provide effective and reliable foot care for users worldwide. Whether used by professionals in salon settings or as part of home care routines, GEHWOL’s products continue to be a reliable choice for those seeking optimal foot health and comfort.