Prebiotic & Probiotic Skin Care

Gallinee Wholesale Europe

Gallinée, founded by Dr. Marie Drago, a Doctor in Pharmacy and microbiome specialist, is revolutionizing the beauty industry with its unique focus on the skin microbiome. Dr. Drago’s extensive knowledge and passion for the microbiome, which she detailed in her thesis, set Gallinée apart from other brands. As a respected speaker at global science congresses, she continually brings cutting-edge science and innovation into Gallinée’s products.

Gallinée formulates its products to nurture and protect the skin microbiome. They avoid stripping the skin by using gentle surfactants, maintaining the right pH levels, and excluding unnecessary additives. Most of their products are fragrance-free, contain low levels of preservatives, and lack colorants, ensuring that only beneficial ingredients are included. The brand incorporates scientifically proven active ingredients such as tyndallised probiotic extracts, prebiotics that support good bacteria, and high-concentration postbiotics like lactic acid.

Gallinée ensures high efficacy by using objectivised concentrations of active ingredients. This approach focuses on the functionality of ingredients rather than their trendiness. Their products are rigorously tested under the strict standards of European legislation and are verified for effectiveness on sensitive skin, including those prone to eczema. They utilize advanced microbiome testing models to verify their products’ impact on the skin microbiome, reflecting their commitment to high-quality standards.

Gallinée’s products have achieved exceptional user trial results, garnered numerous awards, and received thousands of positive reviews from delighted consumers. The brand has introduced several industry firsts, such as the first microbiome-focused brand, the first to combine pre, pro, and postbiotics, and the first microbiome scalp and oral care ranges. With a relentless passion for science and innovation, Gallinée continues to develop products that restore the natural health and beauty of the skin, scalp, and body.