Natural Cosmetics Laboratory

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Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory, founded in 1997 in Krakow, has become a beacon in the realm of natural cosmetics, seamlessly blending modern cosmetology advancements with the nourishing potency of plant-based ingredients. This harmonious philosophy has positioned Farmona as a trusted and innovative name in the professional cosmetics market.

In 2002, the brand introduced Farmona Professional, exclusively tailored for professionals in the beauty industry. The meticulous development of their products involves a dedicated team of experienced cosmetologists, pharmacists, and technologists who ensure the formulations meet the highest standards.

As a leader in the professional cosmetics market, Farmona is recognized for its commitment to innovation, top-notch quality, and the efficacy of natural cosmetics. By marrying cutting-edge technology with the potent properties of premium natural active ingredients, Farmona creates a range of products that resonate with those who value the benefits of nature-inspired skincare.

Farmona’s extensive product portfolio encompasses over 450 offerings dedicated to body, face, and hair care. Over the years, the brand has expanded its reach to include professional cosmetics designed for beauty salons. These offerings go beyond individual products, presenting comprehensive treatment programs tailored for various skin types and enhanced with therapeutic massages.

With a focus on continuous research and development, Farmona remains a stalwart in the beauty industry, delivering holistic solutions that cater to the evolving needs of both professionals and consumers. The brand’s commitment to excellence and the fusion of science and nature make it a reliable choice for those seeking a natural approach to skincare and cosmetics.