Iconic British Luxury

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Burberry Group plc, established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, stands as a beacon of British luxury and timeless elegance. Headquartered in London, England, has earned global acclaim for its exquisite designs, including trench coats, leather accessories, and footwear. With a rich history spanning over 150 years, Burberry has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and iconic style.

At just 21 years old, Thomas Burberry founded Burberry in Basingstoke, England, with a vision to create clothing that would protect individuals from the unpredictable British weather. Specializing in outdoor attire, particularly umbrellas and coats, quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to fashion. Thomas Burberry’s invention of gabardine, a waterproof fabric, revolutionised the industry, becoming the world’s first truly waterproof material and serving explorers and adventurers in extreme conditions.

Today, remains deeply rooted in its heritage of pushing boundaries and fostering creativity. Inspired by Thomas Burberry’s “Open Spaces” manifesto, Burberry’s purpose statement reflects its commitment to providing exceptional products and experiences that allow creativity to flourish. From the tiny pockets of air within the weave of gabardine to the freedom it granted pioneering individuals like Sir Ernest Shackleton and aviator Betty Kirby-Green, Burberry continues to embody the spirit of exploration and innovation.

Throughout its illustrious history, has remained true to its core values of quality, craftsmanship, and style. Its iconic designs and innovative fabrics have stood the test of time, transcending fleeting fashion trends to become timeless classics. Burberry’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its products to its exceptional shopping experiences, delighting customers around the world.

In essence, Burberry is more than just a brand—it is a legendary name that symbolises British luxury and heritage. With a legacy of innovation and iconic designs, continues to shape the fashion industry, inspiring generations with its unparalleled craftsmanship and enduring style.