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Founded in Rome in 1884 by the skilled Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, the illustrious brand swiftly ascended to prominence, earning acclaim for its unparalleled craftsmanship and opulent jewellery creations. With a commitment to Italian excellence, Bulgari became synonymous with exquisite design, vibrant colour combinations, and balanced volumes that paid homage to its Roman heritage.

Under successive generations of the Bulgari family, the brand cultivated a distinct style that redefined the boundaries of jewellery design. Embracing innovation while honouring its cultural legacy, introduced groundbreaking techniques and iconic motifs that set new standards in the industry.

The success of Bulgari’s silver ornaments among English tourists during the traditional Grand Tour era propelled the brand’s expansion. From its inaugural store on Via Sistina, Bulgari’s presence flourished, with new boutiques opening on Via Condotti and in other esteemed tourist destinations. The strategic decision of Sotirio’s sons, Giorgio and Costantino, to pivot towards high jewellery further propelled the brand’s growth trajectory, capitalising on its rich heritage in silversmithing.

Throughout its storied history, Bulgari has remained steadfast in its commitment to ethical, social, and environmental responsibility. Continuously striving for improvement, dedicates itself to advancing sustainability practices across its operations, ensuring a positive impact on both society and the environment.

Despite its enduring success, Bulgari faces challenges in the modern landscape, particularly concerning counterfeit goods sold online. This pervasive issue not only poses economic threats to the brand but also undermines its reputation and jeopardises consumer safety. Bulgari remains vigilant in combating counterfeiting, safeguarding its legacy of excellence and upholding the integrity of its products for generations to come.