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Biolage Wholesale Europe

Biolage, a globally renowned brand in the professional hair care industry, stands as a pioneer in discovering new, nature-friendly formulas that prioritise the well-being of hair. Founded in 1990 by the visionary hairdresser and entrepreneur Arnie Miller, Biolage was conceived with the idea of combining cutting-edge bio-science with the best of nature to enhance hair’s natural beauty, ensuring a touchable finish and fluid movement.

From its inception, Biolage has been driven by a commitment to natural ingredients, offering exceptional performance, conditioning, and a distinct identity characterised by iconic white packaging and a signature fragrance. The brand’s products have gained worldwide recognition for their trusted performance and dedication to hair and scalp health.

Biolage’s ethos revolves around sustainability, and the brand continues to be a leader in developing products that prioritise both the environment and effective hair care. The innovative product range focuses on recovering and supporting hair health, utilising formulas that blend efficacious ingredients inspired by nature. The result is a collection of rich textures, powerful botanical oils, and plant extracts that deliver the signature Biolage performance – characterised by amplified shine, softness, and fluid movement. Biolage products seamlessly transition from salon to home, offering individuals the opportunity to experience professional-quality care in their daily hair care routines.

As Biolage remains at the forefront of the hair care industry, its dedication to natural inspiration, sustainability, and effective formulas continues to set new standards for excellence in professional hair care.