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BeauFort London is a niche perfume house renowned for its evocative and unconventional fragrances that pay homage to British history and culture. Founded in 2015 by musician and writer Leo Crabtree, the brand takes inspiration from the rich maritime heritage of the British Isles, crafting scents that capture the spirit of adventure, exploration, and discovery.

Named after the historic Beaufort Scale, which measures wind force at sea, BeauFort London’s fragrances are characterized by their bold and atmospheric compositions that transport wearers to distant shores and bygone eras. Each scent is a unique olfactory journey that tells a story of nautical voyages, naval battles, and seafaring adventures.

One of the brand’s standout creations is “1805,” inspired by the Battle of Trafalgar and the legendary Admiral Lord Nelson. This captivating fragrance features notes of gunpowder, seaweed, and blood, evoking the drama and excitement of naval warfare on the high seas. Another notable scent is “Vi et Armis,” which pays tribute to the Royal Navy’s clandestine tactics during the Age of Sail, blending notes of gunpowder, leather, and tobacco to create a rich and smoky aroma reminiscent of gun decks and warships.

In addition to its maritime-inspired fragrances, BeauFort London offers a range of other captivating scents that explore themes of history, mythology, and folklore. From the hauntingly beautiful “Terror & Magnificence,” inspired by the ill-fated Franklin Expedition, to the ethereal “Fathom V,” which captures the mysterious allure of the ocean depths, each fragrance invites wearers to embark on a sensory journey through time and space.

With their bold and evocative compositions, BeauFort London’s perfumes and colognes appeal to fragrance enthusiasts who appreciate unique and thought-provoking scents that challenge convention and ignite the imagination. As a proudly British brand, BeauFort London celebrates the country’s rich cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary perfumery, creating fragrances that are as intriguing and enigmatic as the stories that inspire them.