Refresh your Hair

Batiste Wholesale Europe

Batiste, a pioneering brand specialising in dry shampoos, has revolutionised the concept of hair care without water. Recognized as the exclusive company dedicated to the development of dry shampoo formulas, Batiste ensures a commitment to high quality and precision in ingredient selection. The brand addresses the common struggle of maintaining beautiful and fresh hair between washes, offering a quick and effective solution for individuals with diverse hair types.

With Batiste dry shampoos, users can achieve fluffy, shiny, and pleasantly fragranced hair in just a few minutes, eliminating the need for lengthy styling routines. Remarkably, 96% of users have reported that their hair looks better after using Batiste, with an overwhelming 98% expressing their willingness to recommend the product to friends. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback it receives.

What sets Batiste apart is not only its effective dry shampoos but also its diverse range of beautiful and captivating fragrances. From wild and adventurous scents to romantic notes, Batiste offers a selection that caters to various preferences. Additionally, the brand extends its expertise beyond dry shampoos, providing products for rinse-free hair care.

Batiste acknowledges the value of time and aims to simplify beauty routines. Recognizing that individuals may not always have hours to spend on getting ready, Batiste offers quick, easy, and efficient solutions for achieving beautiful hair between washes. With formulations tailored for different hair types and scents catering to various moods, Batiste ensures that there is a product for everyone.

Established in the 1970s, Batiste has grown to become the world’s leading dry shampoo brand, earning accolades for its best-in-class formulations. Beyond dry shampoo, the brand has expanded its product range, becoming a trusted ally for on-the-go hair care needs. Rooted in London fashion styling, Batiste stands out with its quirky attitude, on-trend designs, and a commitment to placing consumers and haircare professionals at the centre of its innovative endeavours.