American Crew

Official Supplier to Men Grooming & Styling

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American Crew, a luxurious brand of grooming products exclusively tailored for men, invites individuals into a world of exclusive care and sophistication. Firmly rooted in the belief that true-born men deserve the finest in grooming, has curated a diverse range of over 50 products designed to cater to the unique hair care needs of men.

Exclusivity is a hallmark of the American Crew experience, where the brand takes pride in offering a sanctuary of grooming reserved solely for men. The product range encompasses a variety of grooming essentials, divided into five distinct skincare and styling lines: Classic, Citrus Mint, Tea Tree, Hair Recovery, Precision Blend, and a special collection for shaving. Each product is meticulously crafted, drawing on carefully selected nourishing ingredients and plant extracts to deliver optimal performance.

American Crew’s commitment to providing premium grooming solutions for men is underscored by its global impact. In just 15 years of presence on the market, the brand has made a significant impression, winning over men in 50 countries. The widespread recognition and adoption of products speak volumes about their effectiveness and appeal.

For hairdressers attuned to the latest trends, incorporating products into their work can be a game-changer. The brand’s offerings not only provide exceptional care but also foster a sense of loyalty among clients who appreciate the quality and sophistication that American Crew brings to the realm of men’s grooming. Whether it’s classic styles or cutting-edge looks, American Crew stands as a trusted companion for men seeking the epitome of grooming excellence